Our Manifesto

Where there is no vision the people perish

Our country Zimbabwe is today in total anarchy. People’s Progressive Party President, Pastor Timothy J. M. Chiguvare has seen leaders failing for the past three decades and he is coming in with all his sincerity, loyalty and selfless devotion to Zimbabwe because the self-serving policies being followed by Robert Mugabe’s government have rocked the very foundation of the country. It is a disgrace. Not only have all the institutions been played around with and systematically destroyed, the economy is in a state of collapse. It has been in intensive care for more than two decades, and it is now dead.

The People’s Progressive Party, PPP, has come as a unifying force and a last resort to prevent any further destabilization of Zimbabwe, to save lives from uncontrolled epidemics, and to prevent any further killings of innocent Zimbabweans due to political violence, genocide, and the collapse of Zimbabwe’s health systems.

The PPP President Pastor Timothy J. M. Chiguvare is doing so with all sincerity, loyalty and selfless devotion to his country Zimbabwe with all the Zimbabwean people and the civil servants firmly behind him in support of a new brave Zimbabwe that guarantees the best income for them and the best living conditions for them and their families, in essence People's Progressive Party (PPP) will improve the quality of life of all citizens and free the potential of each person . PPP People’s Progressive Party has come with power that can stand the test of time guaranteeing the release of our democracy that has been under the arrest in Zimbabwe for more than 2 decades and by coming up with a new constitution that protects the rights of all citizens of Zimbabwe.

For the past 20 years Zimbabwe’s roads have fallen into disrepair. Zanu PF has been looting all the funds meant to up-grade the national roads. This gave birth to a crisis and Zimbabwe became a burden and a liability to its neighbours and to the whole world. The self-serving policies of President Robert Mugabe’s Zanu PF government has rocked the very foundation of the country, not only have all the institutions been played around with and systematically destroyed, but the following notable facts can be listed:

    • Between 1981 and 1983 Robert Mugabe’s Zanu PF committed genocide that left over 20 000 people dead in Midlands and Matabeleland provinces;
    • Cholera outbreak has killed +/- 6 000 innocent Zimbabweans between 2008 and 2009.
    • Before the year 2000 , the Zimbabwe Dollar was stronger than the South African rand. Almost overnight the Zimbabwe Dollar fell to $ZW113 to the ZAR1. Soon this deflation went so low it was no longer recongnised. A loaf of bread was costing $ZW200 000.
    • Zimbabwean industries such as: Mining; Agriculture; Manufacturing; Tourism and Export have all been dead for more than 25 years, due to the poor economic planning, frightening domestic and foreign policies of Robert Mugabe’s Zanu “PF”;
    • Zimbabwe has dominated news headlines with 95% unemployment, because of the 2009 to 2013 GNU or unity government which was in serious trouble with effect from the day they signed their agreement, just because it was a hocus-pocus marriage” of ZANU PF and the two MDCs.
    • Families have broken due to desperation as from the time of land invasions of 1997 in Zimbabwe resulting in a serious economic crisis which forced millions of the middle class Zimbabweans out of the country soon after the election rigging and fraud of 2008.
    • Exploitation of young Zimbabweans due to desperation has reached alarming proportion; that is overwhelming evidence that the ambitious dreams of our youth have been crushed;
    • Zimbabweans are today refugees and victims of cheap labour all over the world;
    • Young-woman are victims of sexual abuse: “a child uneducated is a child lost” Our morals have been destroyed by Zanu PF.

The People’s Progressive Party (PPP) is a political party of smart solutions to the troubled people of Zimbabwe. The PPP has turned out to be more than a political party but a breath of fresh air. It is a true vision of God, a unifying force, a peace-maker, a voice of the oppressed and a solution where there is a crisis.

    1. The PPP will ensure that Zimbabwe achieve unprecedented success on international relations (international opinion on Zimbabwe) since there are two (2) powerful forces that control countries
      a) economy
      b) international opinion

    2. PPP will promote justice; peace and authentic multi-party democracy ; by ensuring the deployment of peace keeping forces in Zimbabwe in the forth coming 2018 election which will be foreign supervised and internationally observed because the entire nation is now very much aware that the days of Zanu PF remaining in power are numbered. Their loss of power is imminent. Coming soon will be a civil war or a military government, that is if we don’t act timeously and decisively , they could remain in power indefinitely by default

    3. PPP is the only political party in Zimbabwe that is calling for the deployment of AU/UN Peace Keeping Forces in Zimbabwe , PPP is charging that the forth coming 2018 election must be foreign supervised because the current government of Zanu PF has NO credentials to conduct or manage a credible ; free and fair election process because there is over-whelming evidence of election fraud, election rigging and a propensity of committing atrocities or crime against humanity such as genocide.

    4. PPP People’s Progressive Party strongly believe that a true government is mirrored by conducting a free and fair election process, where citizens choose their leaders without any intimidation from government or any other political party.

    5. PPP will lay foundations for a democratic and open society in which government is based on the will of the people and every citizen is equally protected by law; improve the quality of life of all citizens and free the potential of each person and build a united and democratic Zimbabwe able to take it’s rightful place as a sovereign state in the family of nations …. May God bless the suffering people of Zimbabwe.

    6. PPP president has been seen by the people of Zimbabwe as a leader of leaders who understands the freedom and change they believe in as a nation. As a result he has been chosen by millions of the Zimbabwean youth and the middle-class and they have hired him to introduce standards, standards that are ethical. In essence this means ethical leadership and he is determined to do the job that he has been hired to do and as their leader he has promised that he will be answerable to the law and the constitution, his policies put into practice will put millions of Zimbabweans back to work and turn around Zimbabwe back to a bread basket of Africa and to a "Rainbow Nation" and free education for the nation and better housing,  electricity and purified water for all.

    7. PPP will turn Zimbabwe into a peaceful home for all people created by God because it is God’s plan that every earthly throne will be an extension of His Throne to establish His purpose here on earth. God expects each throne to be founded on righteousness and justice; to turn Zimbabwe into a favourite destination for investors ; to turn Zimbabwe into a country where the international business community will see technology at work; and to a first world country by 2030

    8. PPP will ensure that the international business community receive the appropriate recognition and high level service to which they are accustomed when they are doing business with the new PPP government of Zimbabwe , which share the same objective to make their investment ; exhibition and marketing easier ; faster ; more comfortable and considerably more cost effective; making Zimbabwe their future partner in success. A new Zimbabwean government that will make excellence a habit putting the professionals under one roof, the “PPP” PEOPLE’S PROGRESSIVE PARTY” has the working knowledge to turn dreams into reality;

    9. PPP will protect the rights of all Zimbabweans and all living in it irrespective of their political affiliations, race, colour, religion or creed.

    10. PPP will protect the immovable and movable property of all people living in Zimbabwe and those leaving outside Zimbabwe who have properties in Zimbabwe such as investors.

    11. PPP will bring before the courts crimes against humanity ; genocide and all human rights cases committed against the Zimbabwean people including those who have been victims of a political conspiracy or terror campaign by the regime. PPP will establish a: “Truth and Reconcilation Commission

    12. PPP will prevent humanitarian disasters in Zimbabwe by raising responsible future leaders of integrity. The PPP president says, “Empowerment of women is a priority in the new government od the People's Progressive Party (PPP)"

    13. PPP will protect Zimbabweans from abuse of power by government and politicians.

    14. PPP will be the mouth-piece of the oppressed and the weak, not only in Zimbabwe but throughout Africa and the world over, because the PPP president says: he is called to be the light of African politics.

    15. PPP will use the mandate given to PPP president by the people of Zimbabwe to do all things possible within the law to ensure that the Constitution of Zimbabwe is upheld for the benefit of future generations and also ensure that all draconian laws gazetted between 1980 and 2018 are removed, this will apply to the media laws and the laws that discriminate election observer ;
    16. PPP will ensure that: the Judiciary and rule of law is respected and that no one is above the law and that judges ; attorney-general ; magistrates must not be politically affiliated and must not make injudicious statements which undermine public confidence in the judiciary, because a weakened judiciary transalates into a weakened democracy. Since the judiciary is the third pillar of any democracy, can be undermined by those who have partisan interests at heart and who appear to have become a law unto themselves;
    17. PPP will ensure that Zimbabwe achieve unprecedented success in the mining ; export ; agriculture; manufacturing ; hospitality industries and trade relations with the international business community;
    18. PPP will ensure that Zimbabwe has a new PPP government that is dedicated to exhibit excellence because actually, what Zimbabwe desperately needs is a new government of PPP, which can harness its resources. PPP says Zimbabwe’s greatest asset is not its gold, emerald, asbestos, chrome, tin, copper, coal and platinum mines but its manpower.
    19. PPP People’s Progressive Party’s No.1 priority is “Employment creation and free education because Zimbabweans have suffered for too long.
    20. PPP People’s Progressive Party will endeavor to get skills back into Zimbabwe after they immigrated to other countries due to political and economic crisis. It is also the PPP’s aim to restore their dignity as they arrive back into the country and present their credentials to our new PPP government’s Full Employment Economy Board.
    22. PPP’S NEW CONSTITUTION (SUPREME LAW OF ZIMBABWE) guarantees a:”FUTURE THAT IS FAIR FOR ALL ZIMBABWEANS” and adequate security to those with business interests in Zimbabwe but living outside Zimbabwe.
    23. PPP People’s Progressive Party’s No.3 priority is to ensure that our new constitution has reformed or amended the law on dual citizenship in Zimbabwe and welcome and accommodate all those who took other citizenship of other countries so that they can still be citizens of Zimbabwe , just because they were forced by circumstances entirely beyond their control to leave Zimbabwe some lost big businesses and farms and were force out of Zimbabwe due to Zanu PF and Robert Mugabe’s reign ;
    24. PPP People’s Progressive Party is very much aware that the people of Zimbabwe are tired and angry of corruption , in order to help Zimbabwe PPP will end corruption by launching “ZERO TOLERANCE an ANTI-CORRUPTION REVOLUTION” code named:- taking the “BULL by the HORNS” an Economic and Financial Crimes Commission EFCC of “PPP” People’s Progressive Party’s new government will introduce for the first time in the history of Zimbabwe , a "ZERO TOLERENCE- ANTI CORRUPTION REVOLUTION ON ECONOMIC AND FINANCIAL CRIMES COMMISSION (EFCC) that will be the surest way to win the war on all forms of corruption is when the people keep watch of their commonwealth and blow the whistle any time a leader attempts to pilfer it , this commission will remain steadfast in the arrest and prosecution of all the offenders. This is the revolution that can clean the system; I know that Zimbabweans are tired and angry; I am starting now to mobilize the Zimbabwean masses to buy in and own the war against all forms of "CORRUPTION". This, I say is the surest way to win the war.
    25. PPP People’s Progressive Party’s No.2 priority is to ensure that Zimbabwe’s national rail and road systems have been up-graded to meet international standards , which national rail and road systems have been neglected for the past thirty (30) years and as a result Zimbabwe’s roads and rail systems have fallen into disrepair because the Zanu “PF”government has been looting all the funds meant to up-grade the national roads and rail systems;
    26. PPP PEOPLE’S PROGRESSIVE PARTY is Zimbabwe’s first Christian Political Party will not be carrying past baggage but will focus on what is important to the people of Zimbabwe and rebuilding the country to its former glory. PPP is more than a political party - it’s a party of champions, a party of dominion eagles of PEACE, JUSTICE AND DEMOCRACY and PPP will always be open to new ideas or mentorship when it comes to nation building ;
    27. PPP PEOPLE’S PROGRESSIVE PARTY is not only a Christian political party but a multiracial political party meaning a political party of all the people who live in Zimbabwe irrespective of their colour , in essence this means that PPP is turning Zimbabwe into a RAINBOW nation and back to a BREAD BASKET of Africa .
    28. PPP People’s Progressive Party is a Union of, and for the Unemployed , the Youth and Civil Rights Movement, which Zimbabwe has always needed has finally arrived, and taking Zimbabwe by storm, advancing the ambitious dreams of our YOUTH because a country that has no YOUTH has no future . PPP will ensure that our YOUTH must have a say as to how the economy of Zimbabwe is managed and that YOUTH must have a say as to how their nation must be governed , here we are talking about a new PPP constitution that will guarantee freedom of the ZCTU for them to have a say as to how Zimbabwe must be governed and as to how the economy of Zimbabwe has to be planned and managed ;
    29. PPP People’s Progressive Party guarantees a future that is dfair for all Zimbabweans.  PPP is assuring the entire nation that once its in power there shall be no refugee(s) from Zimbabwe to the SADC states or to anywhere in the world because Zimbabwe will be free.
    30. PPP PEOPLE’S PROGRESSIVE PARTY is an agent for radical change and a political party of SMART SOLUTIONS, it’s a UNIFYING FORCE and a PEACE MAKER , the PPP’s Election Campaign and the PPP President’s inauguration will be a historic event or a LANDMARK event that the people of Zimbabwe have been waiting for, for a very long time , LANDMARK event :-
      “when multitudes from earnest communists to cautious businessmen, trade unions, whether Christians, Jews, Muslims, Hindu or atheist or white, black , coloured , Asian and Indian, male or female will come together in pursuit of common goal...of a “DEMOCRATIC UNITED STATE OF ZIMBABWE”-where citizens of Zimbabwe will live together in peace and harmony.”
    31. PPP PEOPLE’S PROGRESSIVE PARTY’s humble and God fearing administration or leadership does not believe in a Zimbabwe that is supported by borrowed foreign funds, PPP believes in creating jobs by ensuring that:-“mining, agriculture, tourism, manufacturing and hospitality industries will generate profitable exports in order to generate wealth in Zimbabwe” ;
    32. PPP PEOPLE’S PROGRESSIVE PARTY no hesitation in telling the local and the international business community that :- with People’s Progressive Party (PPP) the expectations of the local and the international community are guaranteed to be met as PPP launches its new constitution of a “RAINBOW NATION (which will be the SUPREME LAW OF ZIMBABWE)
    33. PPP PEOPLE’S PROGRESSIVE PARTY will ensure that the “OLD AGE pension” for all Zimbabwean citizens is a priority in PPP’s new constitution for a Democratic United State Of Zimbabwe ;
    34. PPP People’s Progressive Party president strongly believes that Zimbabwe has so many leaders (ministers) but so little leadership, a leadership that has failed to convince the World Bank ; International Monetary Fund and the International business community because for many decades our leaders have proved that they don’t understand the following:-
      1) Effective Aid requires the right timing and the right mix of money and ideas, but mostly a Government that has integrity and who would utilise the Aid as it was intended;
      2) In any event, the true key themes of “Assessing Aid” come through loud and clear:-
      a. Aid only works if it is spent on the right projects in the countries.
      b. Rich-country governments and multilateral agencies (including banks) spend allot of it on the wrong country (like Zimbabwe)
      c. What transforms the picture is dividing countries according to the equality of their economic policies. By doing this, you will find that in countries with good economic policies (low inflation, small budget deficits, openness to trade, strong rule of law, competent and ethical bureaucracy) aid does indeed spur growth. In countries with bad policies (like Zimbabwe at present), statistics tend to confirm that Aid actually retards growth, since such Aid is absorbed by government for self-enrichment; )
      d. The next question is whether growth reduces poverty, the main reason why wealthy first World countries give Aid, is to reduce poverty. The answer is “Yes!!!” Recent evidence shows, “conclusively” that growth reduces poverty, its benefits are not undone, as used to be feared, by growing inequality. The converse is also true, in countries with slow or no growth, poverty declines slowly if at all, and in the worst cases it increases. To sum up, in good-policy countries and reduces poverty, in bad-policy countries, it doesn’t. )
      3) When dealing with the Zimbabwean crisis (economic and political) being assisted by what I have already stated above, what the people of Zimbabwe could have done in order to find a lasting solution to Zimbabwe’s economic and political problems :- )
      a. It was a must for the Parliament of Zimbabwe to impeach President Robert Mugabe a long time ago , but it didn’t happen , that is a clear sign that members of Parliament failed to perform a duty as members of Parliament who represent the electorate ; )
      b. Soon after the impeachment of President Robert Mugabe the people of Zimbabwe would have have called for an AU / United Nations –Supervised Election code named: "Operation Fair Play Election" )

      Actually, what Zimbabwe desperately needs URGENTLY is a UN supervised free and fair election. Here we are talking about putting strategies in place for a blood-bath free, credible and legitimate election for Zimbabwe, because we want to build a new Zimbabwe , a far better Zimbabwe, one in which the eternal dignity of the people is respected.

    35. PPP Peoples Progressive Party understands the importance of women empowerment and because of that reason the following will always remain a No.1 priority is

      • The Challenges of Women Empowerment And Equality;

      • Zimbabwean Women Are Still Unrepresented ;

        “PPP” Peoples Progressive Party as a government will devise strategies to change the lives of women by empowering them because VICTORY of the women is a victory for the entire nation and of all progressive forces throughout the world because we are all born of a woman.
        The PPP therefore declares 2018 as a year of the victory of the zimbabwean women.


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